Marion has been asked some interesting questions about herself and her background - so here are some of the answers (without the questions):
I was born in Invercargill to a librarian and an accountant (those were their day jobs – they were a quilter and ornithologist at heart)
There are only two of us, and my younger brother is an awesomely talented artist.
The secondary school subjects I was good at were the languages and I won the school poetry and French prizes.  However I was hopeless at maths and science – how I ended up as financial controller of an automotive business, I don’t know, although we have been in business for 23 years
An interest and love of community service began while I was still at school – worked on a school holiday programme in Aro Street Wellington, and later with the revolutionary Newtown Adventure Playground, both of which opened my white middle class eyes.
My training was as a teacher, but I moved into personnel and payroll administration in the education service, including a payroll development project (one that actually worked back in the 80s)
I was part of the first intake of Victim Support Volunteers when the service began in Wanganui
I am a member of the Wanganui North Rotary Club and first joined Rotary in 2003.
It is important that I admit to being car mad – I first fell in love with a Chev Impala in Cathedral Square Christchurch in 1964 and progressed/regressed from there. 
Now I  own a 1962 Mk2 Zephyr, and am restoring a 1959 caravan.
(this is not necessarily Marion's car!)
I am quite ‘arty’ – flat glass (lead lighting) is a hobby and I enjoy event designing and decorating.  My biggest project has been the Vintage Car Club of NZ’s International rally in 2012– decorated stage and event venue with 12 different themes over 12 nights in a row for audiences of 800-1200 people.
At home we are owned by an 18-year-old cat and a 44-year-old tortoise.  During the day I (along with Mike) do my best to keep the team at our business Holdaways humming (but don’t ask them to sing). 
In-between we take a very strong interest in our Race car team.