The Foundation and the humanitarian goals it supports through Rotary club projects is completely dependent on fundraising to sustain it. While Rotarians and Rotary Clubs are a large and key contributor to the Foundation, contributions from friends (the public) of the Foundation and benefactors - both individual and corporate - are also a vital source of contributions. One of the largest benefactors in recent time is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and their support for the Polio eradication programme.
This diagram [larger image here] highlights the alternative means of giving,where it is applied to the Foundation funds and then how the income is distributed as grants.
The Foundation maintains two funds - the Annual Programmes Fund and the Global Fund. Each fund is targeted at a different scale and type of projects. The income from the Annual Programmes Fund is used to support the Foundation operations and fundraising efforts in addition to contributing to the grants.
The stories about effectiveness, fundraising and running costs for charitable trusts and foundations globally is a topic of continuing concern for everybody. Our Rotary Foundation is recognised for being one of the most effective (in terms of financial effectiveness) and transparency. You can see this rating on Charity Navigator here.




The District Rotary Foundation Fund-raising and Promotion Sub-Committee promotes giving to The Rotary Foundation, and by doing so raises the awareness of the Foundation in District 9940.
Annual giving is the cornerstone of The Rotary Foundation’s funding efforts. District 9940 clubs are asked to set annual giving goals both to the Annual Programmes Fund and to PolioPlus, and Rotarians are invited  to make contributions to help achieve these goals. The 2017-18 goal for annual giving is NZ$100.00 per capita.

There are several ways in which Rotarians and individuals can contribute to The Foundation.
Individual contributions through the Club goal setting process is vital to the ‘Every Rotarian Every Year’ effort, in building sustained support for The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Programs Fund, the primary  source of funding for the Foundation’s programmes.
Read about the origins and purpose of the Centurion Club here.
Information for Major Donors here.

RI dues and Foundation contributions - where do they go ?

For Rotarians, it is important to understand how and where our Rotary International (RI) dues and Foundation fundraising are applied, because they each serve a different purpose.
The image here provides this overview [larger image here].