Public Relations and Communications
Enhancing public image and awareness is one of the goals in the Rotary International Strategic Plan.
This Committee promotes Rotary to external audiences and fosters understanding, appreciation, and support for the organization’s programs. It also helps Rotarians understand that effective external publicity, favourable public relations, and a positive image build support for the organization, inspire potential donors, and attract possible candidates for membership.
This Committee:
  • Promotes Rotary to external audiences, such as the media, community leaders, potential partner organizations, program beneficiaries, and the general public.
  • Contacts the media with newsworthy stories of district projects and events, and share district and club stories via social media.
  • Shares Rotary public relations materials with clubs and encourage them to make public relations outreach a priority, using both traditional and digital media.
  • Answers inquiries from Rotarians and external parties about D9940 PR e.g. materials and resources that are available.
  • Encourages Rotarians to use My Rotary and Club Central.
  • Speaks to individual clubs about the importance of club public relations, including developing and updating websites geared toward the general public.
  • Promotes all aspects of Rotary activities, such as PolioPlus, the six areas of focus, grant successes, alumni activities, and awards to districts and the Rotary community.
  • Ensures the District website is maintained through the webmaster and content editor.
  • Maintains connections with ROZCOM and put D9940’s point of view.
  • If Clubs have no web presence, helps them create and promote themselves e.g. through their page on the Clubrunner multi-district website.
District website
The Committee also manages the District website and ensures relevant and up-to-date information is available for Club members.
For Rotarians, visit the regional Public Image blog here.

Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship (ROSNF)

This fellowship promotes the safe and effective use of social networking to promote Rotary fellowship and service utilizing all the tools available on social networks. ROSNF will promote fellowship and service by offering help to its members including:
training on how to use social networks for maximum benefit for all areas of Rotary, developing and supporting additional Facebook applications to further enhance the ability of Rotarians and Rotaractors to find fellow partners-in-service and conduct projects promoting the existing Rotary-related applications, especially the official pages and causes of Rotary International.

If you share our love of social media, or would like assistance with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, and other social networks and Web 2.0 sites, please join us here.  Membership is free for all Rotarians, spouses and Rotaractors.
Martin Garcia (Tawa)
Cell: 021 181 0122
District Website Manager
Richard Stephen (Hutt River Valley)
Cell: 021 782 633
 Social Networking Coordinator
Laura Sommer (Tawa)
Cell: 021 220 7741