Vocational Activities
Pride of Workmanship Awards
This vocational programme seeks to identify individuals whose exemplary contributions to their vocations are worthy of public recognition.
In this global competitive market place, survival and growth of business demands effort from many people in a business. Good enough or "she'll be right" is a recipe for early failure.
There is ample evidence that people who care about - take pride in - the quality of what they do or provide in their job as part of a business or organisation produce a better result for both themselves and their business. At the same time, there is equal evidence that business's and organisations who recognise this pride and effort engender better and happier working environments with better quality products and services to their customers.
Together, the two forces support each other to raise the satisfaction and harmony of the business and help drive the consistency of quality of the business and what it offers to its customers. Happy people stay longer too. Its a win-win.
Pride of Workmanship presentations provide an excellent opportunity for Rotary to promote its image, gain access to organisations for vocational visits and develop potential membership whilst at the same time providing an avenue for any business to recognise individual effort.
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