CR bulletin email bouncing for email addresses
Date: 1 December 2017
Audience: Club Admins / District Admins / Rotarians with email addresses
Ref: Club Runner Ticket #PFF-666-75279
For some club members with email address, they may not be receiving their bulletins and Club and District admins may be seeing in their Blocked Email list an error message like "message blocked - suspected spam..."
This can arise in a couple of ways. A bulletin may contain content such as very large pictures (one club example), or for some reason the xtra spam filters decide for some reason the content may be "spam" and block it.
There are 2 parts.
Based on one club experience in D9940, do not include large picture/image files. As a general rule, graphic file sizes imported into the bulletin should not exceed about 100-120 kB. This will ensure a bulletin loads quickly in email clients and give the user a good experience. If you want to offer members high quality images, you can load them as documents, or consider a cloud  file storage solution that you can "share" with your members.
If image file size(s) are not the issue, each affected member individually must add the email address of the bulletin/email sender to their xtra web account address book - NOT the address books of their personal email clients (such as outlook, thunderbird etc).
The reason is that xtra no longer uses global "white-lists" (ok, trusted senders) because it is regarded as a security risk to the end user. Instead, by adding the sender email into their online web address book, xtra's email servers use those entries as an "approved" acceptance list for passing on incoming email from those addresses.
Warning: This will (continue) to work correctly for the current bulletin editor. If the editor changes, the sender email address will change, so each affected xtra user will have to add the new sender address into their online web contact list.
For xtra email users - How to add to your online web email address book.
1. First - if you have one, read the email with the most recent bulletin received. This applies to every bulletin - your club, the district and maybe another district bulletin.
You are looking for a sender (From:) address like this:
If you cannot find it - ask your Club Admin to send it to you.
Copy this address.
2. In your browser, go to Click "xtra email":
3. Login
4. When logged in, on the menu-bar, click "address book"
5. Click "New" then click "Add  contact"
6. In the form displayed, in the Email 1 field - paste the email address you copied in 1. above.
Fill in any additional fields you wish to.
Click save.
7. In the menu bar on the right - click the 3 bars - then click sign out. You are done.