What is the Collaboration Station?

This is the place for Clubs to come together to support each other on projects.
The projects can be on:
  • District Projects, such as End Polio Now - Ride the Train.
  • Club Projects, such as the Jumbo Tennis run by the Rotary Club of Wellington.
  • Non-Rotary Supported Projects, such as projects run by other organisations to which Rotary Clubs wish to lend their support.

How To Use This Tool?

If you have a project that you want some support from other Clubs on than this is the place to list it. In order to list it you must do the following.
Contact our District Bulletin editor - Freya Kerr - with the information of the project you wish to run. To ensure maximum success this must be done with at least 3 months notice before the project is due to go public. In order for the project to be a success and for us to advertise the project you must in this email provide the following information:
  • When the project is due to commence.
  • Who is the Project Leader of the project.
  • Which Club if Supporting the project.
  • The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of the project.
  • Any photos, branding or digital information of the project.

Current Collaboration Station Projects

Rotary 100th Celebrations
Rotary is turning 100 this year and we expect that many Clubs will be working toward celebrations for their Clubs. So, Why not team up and do this together?
This is a fantastic opportunity for Clubs, especially those who are lacking resources, to work with other Clubs in their area to celebrate together.
If anyone is wanting to work collaboratively with another Club please let our District Bulletin Editor Know

Successful Collaboration Station Projects

Rotary is also about having some fun and meeting other like-minded folk whilst doing good for our communities near and far.
At the 28/10 Rotary meeting, Porirua Rotary hosted the Rotary Club of Johnsonville for the first time.
  • We welcomed them with a Halloween themed event and both Clubs challenged each other with two quiz sessions - all quiz questions about Halloween. Lots of treats and prizes for everyone. The funds raised will be added to the kitty of the End Polio fundraiser. What a great gathering of two clubs with a common goal! We would love to see pics of other such joint Club get togethers.