Rotarians from the Wairapara cluster were given the opportunity to see the inside of the bus being outfitted as the new medical bus for Rarotonga.
Clusdter AG John Stevenson said that "the inside of the bus seems just as roomy as it looked when it was gutted" . I was imagining it getting quite tight in there but looks very smart and really impressed with the finished detailing.
 I know that you (David Baker), Rob (Irwin), Paul  (Snelgrove) and others at Masterton Sth have put a lot into this project and you in particular must be delighted to see it to this penultimate stage. 
 Countless folk in Rarotonga are going to benefit from your koha David and I hope this knowledge will bring a lot of satisfaction to you in years to come."
Sorry don't have a photo of the inside yet (Editor)