September is Education and Basic Literacy month in the Rotary world so I’m going to talk about Public Image
Hmmm… I know that is a bit odd, but I see a connection between those two things. As I visit clubs around the district I hear that so many are involved in the Usborne Dictionaries in Schools project and I see images of a row of students proudly holding up their very own dictionaries, flanked by beaming Rotarians. These photos regularly find their way into the local community newspaper, which is great publicity for the Rotary club and exciting for the kids to see their picture in the paper. But
But these photos all have a certain sameness to them – the rows of children, the beaming Rotarians standing behind them. I challenge you to make these occasions when you interact with schools into opportunities to Inspire: for instance, take a photo of a Rotarian and a child showing delight in sharing something in a Dictionary.
Share these great images through this Bulletin, Rotary Showcase, your club website, on Facebook. An Inspiring image, that gives us a good warm feeling, is much more powerful and memorable
- -  Judy : ( Photo discovered on Goggle Images as a Rotary and Dictionary photo  -  tell us where and when)
As you plan the delivery of your projects and Rotary programmes for the year, think about how you can ‘add value’ in the form of a public image opportunity. We love the work we do in our communities – don’t be shy about showing that joy; share it with your project partners, onlookers, passers-by. Leave them in no doubt about who the drivers of the project are and how much enjoyment you are getting out of your Rotary service. Start conversations about the differences we make   (Editors note:  Look on goggle images for some interesting  -  and others not so interesting photo's from Rotary clubs around the world)
Wear your Rotary branded clothing so that you are easily identified as Rotarians –the new Rotary branding with the wheel and the word ‘Rotary’ is much more descriptive than just the wheel which won’t be recognised by most people
I am definitely enjoying my visits to our District 9940 clubs.
The welcome to Mike and me at every club has been warm, each club has its own unique personality and is a pleasure getting to know you all and finding inspiration in the projects that are making a difference in your communities
Marion with AG Leole Malama-Prasad and Eastern Hutt President Pat Heffernan
Marion Johnstone
District Governor 9940
2018 /19