Rotary Youth Exchange
The most powerful force in the promotion of international understanding and peace is exposure to different cultures. The world becomes a smaller, friendlier place when we learn that all people – regardless of nationality – desire the same basic things: a safe, comfortable, environment that allows for a rich and satisfying life for our children and ourselves.
Youth Exchange provides thousands of young people with the opportunity to meet people from other lands and to experience their cultures. This plants the seeds for a lifetime of international understanding.
The programme provides Clubs with opportunity to host an overseas secondary school student (aged between 16 and 18) for a year to experience life and culture in a foreign country to further their education and personal development. While not a direct exchange, clubs can also provide the same opportunity for a Kiwi student to travel overseas for twelve months.
Students arriving in New Zealand generally commence the exchange in July. Clubs will need 3-4 host families and a mentor to advise and support the student during their stay.
Kiwi students leave in January for their twelve month exchanges. They need a local District 9940 club to assess and sponsor them. This has very limited financial implications for orientation and uniform, but does require that the club appoint a NZ mentor to support the student.
Without question this programme not only creates friendships between students, hosts and clubs lasting a lifetime, but also enables young men and women to realise their potential and start them on a journey for roles as Rotarians and community leaders.
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