Peer Support
Peer Support is a programme, which seeks to assist the integration of new students into secondary school. Senior students (Years 12 or 13), after training by Tutor Teachers, are allocated (usually in pairs), to a small group of year 9 Students.
During the first term they run activities with these students on issues about settling into school, peer pressure, bullying, how to deal with cultural issues, different values etc.
The programme helps year 9 students by giving them a mentor and buddy they can relate to.  It provides the senior students with leadership training and the opportunity to provide support and guidance to the younger students. 
The Peer Support Trust of New Zealand administers the programme, with trustees from each Rotary district. In all Districts, teachers are trained in two-day workshops provided by tutor consultants who are very experienced in running Peer Support and are accredited nationally. The programme was introduced into New Zealand by Rotary Clubs in 1985 and continues to be run successfully in a large number of schools.
Many Rotary Clubs assist schools to implement this programme by covering the modest cost of certificates, or manuals for students, or by helping a teacher to attend a training course.
For further information on the implementation of this programme in District 9940 contact:
Peer Support Trust for NZ Chair and District Chair
Jane Paterson (Port Nicholson)
Cell: 021 220 8061