International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians (IFCR)
The spirit of local and international co-operation and goodwill, and the opportunity to stay with like-minded Rotarians in all cricket playing countries and learn about their lives, vocations, and Rotary experiences, both individual and club, exemplifies what IFCR is all about.
IFCR can be an enjoyable sporting exchange and holiday for individuals and couples. It offers a unique experience of participation on so many levels.
Next Event:
Rotary District 3012, India is hosting Rotary International Cricket Tournament for two days from 24th February to 25th February 2018 in the Cricket Stadium in Noida, India.
Rotarians who have a love for the game of cricket whether as a player, umpire, scorer, team manager, supporter or spectator and who would like to enjoy the ideals of Rotary through the opportunities offered by IFCR can find more information here:
or email Robert Armstrong here.