Cure Kids (Child Health Research Foundation)
The Child Health Research Foundation was established by Rotary in 1971 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Rotary in New Zealand.
Today the Foundation is known as Cure Kids and with the ongoing support of Rotary, new initiatives are continually being developed to raise funds for medical research into children’s life threatening illnesses. To date over $25m has been directed into this research and has achieved world first breakthroughs in the areas of Childhood Leukemia, Long QT, Cot Death, Cystic Fibrosis, genetic research, and asthma. Over 40 research projects are currently in progress.
Cure Kids Supports Rotary Polio Plus Campaign
Rotary funded the Child Health Research Foundation into being and has supported Cure Kids financially over many years.  Rotary has had an initiative to eradicate polio worldwide and Rotary New Zealand has launched a fundraising campaign to provide polio vaccinations to the last hardest to reach countries. Cure Kids has partnered with Rotary New Zealand, and has committed to match Rotary fundraising with a donation of up to $200,000 to support this vital initiative.
CEO, Frances Benge
Cure Kids, PO Box 90907
Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland 1142