nickname field warning
District Admin [DA] and Club Executives responsible for member information management.
The "nickname" field in the member profile enables members' preferred or common use first names to be displayed instead of the formal first name. Using this field in this way allows the formal first name (and middle name if relevant) of the person to be retained - AND - synchronised with MyRotary.
There are two scenarios
- contraction of a given first name -eg Robert to Bob or Elizabeth to Liz
- a members' middle name is the common use first name - eg Robert Phillip Jones is known as and prefers Phillip (or Phil) Jones.
1. The formal member names (first and middle) are correctly recorded and synchronised with their MyRotary records.
2. The nickname is displayed in situations where the member name is displayed in the District and Club directory list (and in the Active Member list in the Member Area visible to a club or district executive with the appropriate access level).
DO NOT apply humour to the entry in the nickname field - because of the consequence 2. above. Keep it exactly as the member uses the name or contraction. Otherwise leave it blank.
Example: if a member is known as a joker in your club meetings and you use "The Joker" in the nickname field, a member Robert Jones will be displayed in the membership list as "Jones, The Joker".
Where it gets worse is if Robert Jones is eg the DGE - in those positions shown on the very publicly visible organisation chart, the member would be shown as "Jones, The Joker". Equally if that member was the President of their club, the same display would be shown under the President position in the public club directory listing. Not very nice for the member concerned !