Bob Smith is chair of the Projects Committee for the Whanganui Rotary Club and he says,
“When I found out that my committee numbered 20 or so members, I surmised that there are not many Rotary living rooms that can accommodate so many people. Ever the optimist, of course, thinking I would get that number attending one of my meetings.”
The solution was to approach Club Metro to ask if I could use one of their rooms each month.
Rotary members cum painters – Bernard Corkery, Jo Thomson, Marion Devenport, Martin Visser, Bob Smith
The manager at the time was very happy to accommodate Bob and showed him their committee room. “She made an offhand comment that she wished they could tidy it up and paint it, says Bob, who being the gentleman that he is, offered to do it for them especially as they were getting the use of the room for free.
Lockdown got in the way of completing the job but thanks to a few Rotary members, the job is done - well almost. Bob, ever the perfectionist, wants to paint two cupboards a different colour.
As Bob says, “It has worked out very well for us and Club Metro who also get some custom from our members as well.”