You will have read in Rotary Down Under about the work that is being done to shape the future of Rotary in our region.

If you haven’t done so already please provide feedback on three simple questions. 

1.  What is good in Rotary and Rotaract and should be retained?

2. What needs to change and why?

3. In an ideal world, how would Rotary and Rotaract be structured and operated?

Why, you ask? There is further detail here, but simply we want your views so the vision of Rotary can be in the future can be more closely aligned to the needs of its members and the community you serve. Take time to provide honest and bold feedback, either by sending an email to or by completing the online survey.

Rotarians in our District who are working on this project include Howard Tong, Tony Heyward, John Bishop and Martin Garcia.