How many interact clubs do we have in District 9940?
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What is the Interact Council??
The 9940 Interact Council is being developed from the need to have a pathway for Students coming into Rotary and continuing their journey once they leave College.  No matter where they go they will have that connection through RYE, RYLA, Rotaract etc . .
Rotary cannot afford to lose students once they finish a Course or project.  Twenty five years of RYPEN = 1,200 Students, where are they? 
We are creating an opportunity for Interact Students to share resources and knowledge with an Interact Weekend at the end of term 1 2018 at Kawhatau Outdoor Education Centre.  Students from all 9940 Interact Clubs can meet to hold workshops that will cover how the individual Interact Clubs are working, to learn from each other and to learn how Rotary Host Clubs can assist the Interact Clubs with resources and project availability. Between workshops the students will be involved in 'Survivor' challenges and a team from the Taihape Volunteer Fire Brigade will present a fitness workshop using the unique environment that is Kawhatau. The Interact Council will also attend the Interact Weekend.  Incoming Interact Presidents will have extra workshops to help them with their year ahead.
It is suggested that the Interact Presidents term follow the standard July-June of Rotary Clubs as this will ensure a seamless transition with the end of year uptake and drop off not affecting/interrupting the focus and energy of the Interact Club. 
There are Social and Environmental Projects that the Interact Council can unite on such as the Social 'Days for Girls' - not only for underdeveloped Countries but there is a need for this project here in District 9940.
Current communication with Fonterra/Dairy NZ with their 'Dairy Action for Climate Change' will provide a NZ wide project covering every Rotary District and starts in 9940 with funding available that will mean that the Interact Weekend is zero cost to Students.  (More information about this to come)
Overseeing the 9940 Interact Council is the Interact Council Committee, Marilyn Stevens, PDG Deb Gimblett, Tony Heyward, DGE Marion Johnston and Michael Andrews (Chair).