We need your help to build up an extensive picture of the many facets of Rotary in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Don’t miss out. Here is an opportunity for your Club and our District’s projects to be considered for two hi-quality videos that are being prepared about Rotary in NZ and the Pacific Islands. One video will go on the Rotary Oceania website and the other will feature at our Rotary Regional Conference.

Our clubs do some amazing projects, so please support these video initiatives to ensure the final videos truly represent what we in District 9940 are doing to support our communities. 

The photo is of the extremely successful Marton Skate Board Park Project   

There are so many stories we have to tell - environmental, health related, mentoring and supporting youth, RYLA, RYE, RYPEN and so much more. Your photos and videos are needed for consideration in these videos. If you do not have video, please create videos and interview club members who were involved in the projects.

Not only will you be able to use your videos to promote Rotary in your own area, but you have an opportunity to promote our Rotary work to a wider audience.  

Please send, or share in the cloud, high-quality photos or video by Friday 19 June with District Public Image Chair Martin Garcia at  martin.garcia@xtra.co.nz                                                                                                                                                                              

The photos and/or video should be accompanied by a short explanation of the project or event.