Travel Insurance through Probus
Probus is a Service organisation involving people who are retired. It is all about Friendship, Fellowship, and Fun.
There are a number of member benefits, and one of these is travel insurance. These privileges are available to members of Rotary through the Probus website. The underwriter is Chubb Travel Insurance.
You will need a certificate from your doctor to say you are fit to travel and be aged under 1oo !!
The Insurance Cover
There are two policies:
  • Probus Premier Travel Insurance Single Trip. This provides coverage for a list of approved medical conditions (for persons aged 75 or under), overseas medical and dental expenses (with limits) and a number of other benefits.
  • Probus Standard Travel Insurance Single Trip. Provides coverage for pre-existing medical conditions (subject to a Fit for Travel Report from your medical practitioner being submitted with your application).
Comparison By Lindsay Chitty
This comparison in our case, (not travelling to the USA) travelling to the UK and Europe for 6 weeks next year there is a considerable saving for the unhealthy Chitty’s over Southern Cross who has normally been our insurance provider.
Probus $1031.63 compared with Southern Cross $2250.28.
You can get a quote through the website then download the application form which is filled in then submitted with the Fit for Travel Report.
With thanks to Lindsay Chitty for the information and to Bev Wells, Port Nic Club for passing it on