1) For Presidents and Secretaries - Membership updates in Clubrunner


If you have not already done it, please now take the time to update your Club executives in Clubrunner for the new 2020-21 year. At the same time, don't forget that on 1 July, RI will invoice you for your membership level as at 1 July. So if your club is expecting or preparing for any changes as the year changes over, don't forget to update your club membership before 30 June, otherwise you will be billed extra members. If you need help for a quick refresh on what to do, please call either Gary Gloag - Levin club or Richard Stephen, District ICT Chair.

2. District zoom account - pre announcement.  

The district now has its own zoom account. It can host one meeting at a time - ie no time  overlaps.                         

So, in addition to the zoom booking service that has been available on the rotaryoceania website for some years, District Leaders and Clubs now have an additional option with the District account. We are currently arranging a simple booking system for everybody. This will be on our District website.However, with only one licence available and potentially heavy demand now that lots of us know how to use zoom, and the needs of the District leadership, we are seeking guidance from our DG train John, Gillian and Mark on what if any prioritisation policy might be desirable associated with the booking system.

Watch this space - and the District website for the go-live announcement before 1 July !