District 9940 Training Assembly is for All Rotarians
District  Training  is  about   increasing the understanding of the wide range of Rotary programs  & activities for all Rotarians, and providing an awareness   of  what   is    happening across Rotary
But I’m new to Rotary…
There is a series of short “TEDX- style”  talks,  as  an  introduction into some of what is currently available and possibly, to network with another  club  to  create something new & valued.
Do you have leaders or Board members new to their role?
We put the experts in front of you, to help you get to grips with  the  role. There  are  specifically  sessions for Treasurer, Secretary, Public Image, Youth, Membership, using  Club Runner  &  the District Website
Let’s Get Ready  to .. . “Be the Inspiration”
Register Today ► here
Or advise  the Secretary of your club, who will then email, on  behalf of your club, to your Assistant Governor the total attending.
All Registrations required by 4th  May.

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