Rotary Foundation District Grants Awarded 2017-18
Club/District Activity Type Description Activity location Amount  NZ$
Eastern Hutt Health: general The project aims to provide a group of 8 affected Hutt Valley residents and their partners, who are experiencing early stage dementia, with weekly group music therapy so that they can live together longer and more happily as the disease progresses New Zealand 2500
Plimmerton Community development: construction/renovation RAGES:  To fund the installation of a 3 tier reinforced cable enclosure for the orphan elephants at Sepilok.  The quoted cost for the entire project is $6000NZD.  The enclosure whilst providing security for the elephants will reduce elephant/human conflict minimizing deaths and destruction of farmland & villages, allowing man and elephant to co-exist peacefully Malaysia 3000
Porirua Community development: construction/renovation Contribution to the provision of a bus that will be used to take children from low decile schools to Wellington, Porirua and other district events and locations.  The Porirua contribution will enable the cost of taking children to be covered "seats on the bus" New Zealand 2000
Hutt Valley Education: general 2018 Teacher Exchange Programme between NZ and China - STAGE TWO. Following the inaugural reciprocal teacher exchanges commencing in May 2017, a team of four teachers from NZ and four teachers from China will make reciprocal visits in 2018. The visits will again last two weeks for each visit with unique professional learning and development  opportunities  - to  improve their own language  and teaching skills, deepen their understanding of  another culture and share new curriculum pedagogy in their schools on their return. The 2018 exchange will develop the sustainability of the exchange and build on the relationships made in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The team is to travel in April 2018 from Hutt Valley, New Zealand to Miyun County, Beijing, China. China, People's Republic of 2000
Kapiti Health: general Supply, Installation and Training of 3 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) which will be available for use by the Paraparaumu community  all day, every day New Zealand 6000
Marton     New Zealand 500
Mount Victoria Education: general Our Sustainable School is a pilot t project to develop an integrated education programme for secondary schools incorporating energy and sustainable solutions for the future that will encourage students to think and act sustainably and create a healt hier and more liveable environment and society. New Zealand 5000
Otaki Health: general Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) which will be available for use by the Otaki community  all day, every day New Zealand 2000
Plimmerton Education: scholarship The project is for a scholarship to send a member of the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute to the Salk Institute in San Diego. In summary the project is about creating embryonic stem cells from mature cells. Scientists can create these cells so they are specific to a disease (DiPSCs). The technology means that the cells can be expanded and grown at will, so it can be a lot easier to study disease models and to run lab and human drug trials. The Gillies McIndoe Research Institute needs a researcher trained in this technology and the scholarship is designed to send a researcher to the Salk Institute in San Diego for 6 weeks to learn the required skills. Although developing skills and an understanding of the technology is the prime reason for the project, obviously the opportunity will be great professional development for the researcher. These opportunities help to attract and retain top people. The exchange will also help build relationships with one of the major international cancer research groups. New Zealand 10800
Palmerston North
Education: general Bikes in Schools Project. Provision of spare helmets, UV vests and on-going maintenance of tracks around the school and the bikes.  This project works in conjunction with the City Council and the school who have raised $50,000 to build tracks, buy bikes and purchase a lockable storage container.  Takaro Rotary club will enable the children to have the essential helmets and vests.  The school is a decile one school which means that there is little money in the immediate community.  The local cycle club will work with Takaro Rotary club to provide training to the children.  This is a high profile project in the community with Rotary advertising their involvement. New Zealand 1500
Upper Hutt Education: literacy Computers in Schools. 10 x 304852 iMAC 21" 2.8Ghz i5/8GB/1TB computers @$1799.13 each.The computers will facilitate the use of specialist music software that paves the way for 21st century learning, it will also benefit the wider school community in that the computers can be used across the curriculum. The computers will be available in a multi-use classroom and available for other students and subject areas to use. An example of this is their use by design students for research and to produce 3D printed models of projects prior to final realisation.  Taita College is a decile 2 school so the resources of individuals within the community that surrounds the school are sparse and it is not viable to repeatedly expect assistance with 'step change' funding. In essence this project is a form of domestic inward investment and will allow the student population of Taita College to enjoy some of the facilities that are more common in higher decile schools   New Zealand 9000
Wellington Community development: general Mt Victoria Vermin Trapping Project. The vermin trapping project is part of a larger centennial project being undertaken by the Rotary Club of Wellington. This is the creation of a "Forest in the City", an ambitious initiative which aims to have planted 100,000 trees by 2021, the centenary year of the Rotary Club of Wellington. The vermin trapping project, itself, is a joint initiative between the Rotary Club of Wellington and the Wellington City Council which aims to rid Mt Victoria of vermin, namely rats, mice, stoats, weasels and hedgehogs. The overall aim of these centennial projects is to bring back the birds to the central city. The funding being applied for here is to complete trap coverage of the Mt Victoria Town Belt. New Zealand 2750
Hutt City RI youth programs Enabling young people to attend RYLA New Zealand 2700
      Spending plan total 49,950