Porirua Rotary ‘People of Action’ during Literacy and Education Month
Porirua Rotary supported the Te Kura Maori O Porirua school to stock up on their English reading books for the secondary school English department during Rotary’s Literacy and Education month.
Over the years their stock has diminished and although they have replenished some class sets, the school has not been able to keep up with the wide range of preferences of the teenage students. Teacher, Sharyn Gibbons said, ‘It has been a positive experience to observe that there is a growing trend of avid readers emerging in our secondary school and we are keen to keep up with the demand’.
Sharyn worked with President, June Murugan to identify the most urgent books in the selection of reading books, and which stockists could be reached during this COVID-19 pandemic to obtain some of the books in country. Paper Plus Porirua who have been partners of Porirua Rotary over the years responded and were able to help June with some of the books whilst others are being ordered to arrive soon.

Due to the Alert Level 3, Sharyn visited the Rotary meeting to collect some of the reading books and she also celebrated Te Reo Maori week with members.  We learnt how to introduce ourselves, pronounce vowels and singing the waiata but when the remaining books arrive. Rotary members will visit the school and meet those students.

What a great outcome for the school, Rotary and local business to work collaboratively during this challenging time to make a difference to those students.