Our Team
Our Team is made of four highly energised and community-oriented individuals livings. Together they work with our strategic partners to ensure that the One Million Masks project succeeds.
Adrienne Murray
Project Co-Director
Adrienne along with Venky are the original architects to this project when they saw a need and a way to help.
Adrienne has been involved with a range of charitable projects, with her largest currently working in the Wellington Children's Health Trust with the Wellington Hospital Foundation to build and equip two whanau rooms in the new Wellington Regional Children's Hospital.
Adrienne brings with her years of community and business experience providing advice on resourcing, communications and community-relations.
Venkatesh Kannan
Project Co-Director
Venky saw the difficulties that were taking place in Fiji due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and knew that there was something he could do to help.
Following the success of distributing 100,000 masks to Fiji (donated by Lanaco) Venky saw there would be a need for this both at home and again overseas. Hence the one million mask project was born.
Through 30 years experience, a strong business acumen and personal connections with individuals across New Zealand and the Pacific, he is a driving force for the team and the success of this project.
Andrew Mahoney
Project Co-Director
When Andrew was asked to join this project the word yes couldn't escape his mouth quick enough.
Andrew lives and works in Te Whanganui-a-Tara where he has works as an accountant. Outside of work Andrew is involved with a range of projects including being an advisory board member of the Wellington Children's Health Trust, being on the board of the Rotary Club of Wellington and policy research.
As one of the co-leads on the project Andrew provides advice to the project board on financial matters, risk, communications, media and logistics.
Pat Waite
Special Adviser
As the work around logistics began to reach fruition, there was a need cited by the team to bring in someone to provide assurance to the project. Adrienne and Andrew knew that Pat Waite provided these skills.

Pat has helped a wide range of groups, providing financial oversight and governance skills as well as practical help and has worked with a range of for profits and not-for-profits in his distinguished career.

His work both within community organisations and businesses across New Zealand are a real commodity to the team. Pat will provide advice to the project board on financial matters and risk, to ensure the smooth and compliant operation of the project.

Project Partner
Lanaco are our strategic partner in this project supplying our beneficiaries the state of the art masks they need.
This has been done purely out of their goodwill as the organisation are running at-cost for these donations.
Lanaco are also assisting with advertising, and the manufacture, distribution and outbound logistics of the masks to our beneficiaries.
Project Partner
RozOps are out project partner and are working with both the project team and Lanaco.
RozOps will be assisting us with the inbound logistics, donations and administration of the project.