How to get your log in details
Follow these simple steps to get your login details to login to the members area on the District website.
At the top right of the Home page, click "Member Login"
2. On the next screen displayed, click the text ringed in red
3. On the next screen displayed, select your club and enter the required information. Then click "submit"
4. You will get a screen display informing that your profile has been found and you will get an email.
Note: if you don't get this success message, call the District Webmaster to discuss this with you.
Note: if you don't get the email - it means the current email address that clubrunner has for you is wrong. Email the District Webmaster with your preferred email address.
5. go to your email in-box
- In the email you receive, there is a link to "reset" your password. Click it.
- You will get this screen below. It shows you your Login Name. REMEMBER IT - write it down!
- Now enter and confirm your new password. REMEMBER IT !
Click submit.
You are finished and can now log in.