Insurance Advice


Death or bodily injury claims during public events
This is covered by the Accident Compensation Act and there is no liability at all on thepart of the Rotary Club whether they are negligent or not. However the possibility ofexemplary damages claim for personal injury may be made against clubs. All clubs in the district are insured by the district policy to a limit of $1,000,000. The Club must be negligent and this negligence must be proven.
Damage to a Rotarian’s personal property while on Rotary activities
This should be covered by the member’s own personal insurance on their household goods and personal effects. Rotary district insurance does not provide such cover.
Accidental damage to property belonging to the public
All of the clubs in the district are insured by the district policy for their liability for accidental damage to any property belonging to third parties, i.e. the public negligence must be proven. The limit of liability is $5,000,000, which is probably a realistic adequate maximum. But remember that the policy does not cover any accidental damage to the Rotary club’s property but only damage to other people’s property.
Weather catastrophe
It is possible to insure against rain causing cancellation of an event. That is an expensive class of insurance and an insurance broker should be asked to arrange it. The district policy does not provide such cover.
Important Notes
It is essential that when a club is involved in an activity outside the “normal day-today Rotary activities” or in some activity that is obviously risky, the brokers must be advised beforehand, e.g. a major fireworks display or extensive fund raising activities using vehicles, boats or aircraft. Clubs cannot assume that everything they do is automatically covered. If in any doubt contact the insurance brokers, and ensure that written confirmation is received of any advice given by them.
The district insurance policy does not cover what is termed “professional negligence”, for example offering to run a fair game to make money. If it flops, then the district policy does not provide cover.
For further information or explanation, please contact the District insurance brokers:
Gary Dome (Leigh) (Milson)
Crombie Lockwood (NZ) Limited,
Private Bag 11007, Palmerston North 4442
Cell: 027 442 9168
Bus: 06 350 2556


Individual travel policies usually exclude cover for work as a volunteer. For people working overseas voluntarily on a Rotary international project, it is strongly recommended that travel insurance is arranged through RNZWCS, as voluntary work will be covered. Please refer to for more details.