Training Update for President Elects, AG's and Rotarians
Welcome to the Rotary International District 9940 Training year for 2019.
The primary focus over the coming months is to prepare our District Governor Elect John Mohi's team of District leaders, Assistant Governors Elect and most importantly our President's Elect for our Rotary Clubs and our Rotary Satellite, Rotaract, and Interact Clubs to have a great year leading and inspiring their club membership to do good in their communities.
Our District Training team will provide the necessary support, learning and development to build our Rotary capability and capacity to meet our clubs 2019/20 Rotary year of achieving and experiencing a great year where "Rotary Connects The World".
PETS and SPPETS - 1-3 March 2019
The year of Rotary training commences with our District 9940 - Presidents Elect Training Seminar (PETS) at Waipuna Hotel, Auckland on Friday 1st March, 2019. This day will provide our Presidents Elect (28  registered) and our Assistant Governors Elect (9 registered) with the chance to come together, gain key learnings and begin forming the District and Club leadership with District Governor Elect John Mohi.
This is an awesome learning and development opportunity to start the training weekend that includes South Pacific PETS which will see just on 300 Rotarians from all the Rotary District's of New Zealand and the South Pacific island's be part of Rotary International training on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March, 2019. The speaker list, training opportunity and hall of Rotary information displaying information and contacts for projects and linkage with our communities will also inspire and provide connection for ideas and action!
There are still opportunities to register for our District President Elect Training Seminar and South Pacific PETS. You dont have to be a President Elect or Assistant Governor Elect to attend!
If you are interested in learning more about Rotary and the role you can play in your Club or in the District, please go to the SPPETS website to register -
District Training Assembly - 19 May 2019, Whanganui
Following on from District Governor Marion's "Light My Fire!" District Conference in Whanganui from the 17-19 May 2019, will be our annual District Training Assembly.
At our District Conference 2019, not only will your passion and energy be ignited for Rotary, but your personal learning and understanding to benefit your Rotary Club and the contribution you can make in your Rotary Club and community will be enhanced.
All Rotarians and especially Assistant Governors Elect, Presidents Elect and their Club Board Directors, Committee Chairs and Committee members are strongly encouraged to attend District Training Assembly 2019 in Whanganui to meet like minded Rotarians from across our Rotary District and from our Rotary Clubs. You will be inspired and have the opportunity to share your ideas and vision for the coming Rotary year 2019/20.
Registration for the District Conference is now open, so plan on attending a great day of District Training Assembly after District Conference concludes on the morning of Sunday 19 May.
More District Training to look out for during the year!
Opportunities for learning and development in many aspects of Rotary will be planned for and delivered this year. These include, Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), Leaders Elect Training and Facilitation training workshop, RLI Facilitators Workshop, National
Membership Seminar, Rotary District 9940 Club Development and Membership Seminars, Rotary Foundation Training, Training for our Interact Clubs and Rotaract Clubs. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to develop your Rotary knowledge and practice in the District Newsletter, District Website and District Facebook page.
Mitchell Brown
District Training Chair
Rotary International District 9940