Wishing all members of 9940 a wonderful and prosperous 2021!

Over the holidays your Public Relations Chair has been busy working on updating our website and also getting us engaged with the Social Media we need to help:
(1) Engage with our communities;
(2) Help bring in potential new members to our Clubs; and
(3) Show people in our area of the world what Rotary does!


HELP US by Following Us On Facebook
This Facebook Page will allow us to advertise on social media what we are up to, and help get further support for our projects! All we ask is you like our Page!
HELP US by Joining Our Member Only Group
Also on Facebook this is a members only group! This allows you to hear what we are doing in all our Clubs across the District in Live Time!. If you want to be involved all we ask is you simply ask to join!
HELP US by connecting with Us On LinkedIn
This is the perfect way to show contacts in business, colleagues and partners that you are involved in Rotary and help show them the work we do.
All we ask is you connect with us on our LinkedIn Page and invite others who are likeminded to our page.
HELP US by Following Us On Instagram
Lastly, we are now on Instagram! This is the main social media to "show" young New Zealander what we do. If you have Instagram follow us and share us. This will be the place we show the world - especially the next generation - what we are up to!