21 March 2017
Special Edition
This bulletin has been emailed to all 9940 Rotarians
REMINDER  2016/17 Awards
Clubs are asked to  consider the following Awards and complete the necessary information by the dates for each:
  • Genesis Innovative Project Trophy:  10 April
  • Significant Achievement Award:  31 May
  • RI President's Presidential Citation:  1 April
  • Club Bulletin Award:  30 April
Click on "Read More"  to get the detail requirements for each award
Somebody is posing as a representative from our club (Mt Victoria) looking for $50 phone donations for children with intellectual disabilities.  This is absolutely not one of our club initiatives
The only donations we solicit by phone is sponsorship for Circus Quirkus, which is coming up very soon.
 I had somebody contact me from Kaukau this morning and we have had other people querying it.  It’s a shame if it is taking funds away from a very good and well organised cause.
Please be careful and do not hesitate to contact me if you are concerned.
Carol Green
Ph: 021 215 8346
It's on again.  Don't miss out!!  Applications close on 5 May 2017
The documents for RYPEN are the updated ones for May 2017 and are located right at the very bottom of the page. Applications close on 5th May. The RYPEN page link is
and application forms can be found  (at the bottom of the page.)
Training Assembly 2017
Dear Rotarians,
I am looking forward to seeing many of you at District Confeence 2017 in New Plymouth. As part of your registration for this year’s District Conference, can I strongly suggest that you take time to attend your District Training Assembly which occurs on the afternoon of Sunday 23 April 2017. Your Club will receive registration information next week to confirm your Club members attendance.
The District 9940 Training Team have put together the essential information and provision of training for your Club Presidents, Board members and leadership of your Club as well as an information packed afternoon for all Rotarians to gain learnings and development to contribute and support the many roles that being a member of your Rotary Club offers.
We hope that many Rotarians who are travelling to New Plymouth will of course register for the District Training Assembly as part of their time spent enjoying the many activities that the District Conference Committee have on offer.
We would especially welcome Rotarians who are NOT attending conference, but are keen to travel to and register for the afternoon of District Training Assembly learning and development to enhance their contribution to their Club in the coming Rotary year. We look forward to your registration of attendance for this annual specific training event that our Rotary District provides to our Rotarians.
I look forward to seeing you all at our District Training Assembly on the afternoon of Sunday 23 April 2017, so we can prepare to do “Good in our Communities” with the knowledge and skills that are provided by our District Training Team and District Committee leaders at this key Rotary event.
I am sure you will wish to join the team for 2017/18 where we will be “Making a Difference” and of course having an amazing year to “Go WILD About Rotary!”
Yours in Rotary,
Mitchell Brown                                                                                                  
District Governor Elect 2017/18
Rotary District 9940       
Rotary Wine
Bulletin Editor
Adrienne Murray