Summer District Bulletin

A Summer Thank You 

As Rotary stops for the Summer holidays be proud of your collective achievements. I have witnessed extraordinary service, and amazing fellowship over the last six months from clubs and individuals. We have made a difference in helping our communities get through these challenging times, especially the impact of COVID-19. Over these summer holidays as you deservedly relax with family think about how we can grow our community capacity to do more - as we have never been needed more. 

Helping our Communities through COVID

However, COVID is taking its toll on our communities and the situation is going to get harder for another one to two years before it gets easier. From 15 December as we started to open up our borders, firstly with Aucklanders visiting the rest of the country, many will get COVID Delta, especially unvaccinated individuals. We have a role to help our communities and Rotary get through this, and don’t let COVID divide Rotary or our communities. There may be good reason why some cannot get vaccinated – respect this and help them through it. Think differently – think of alternative ways of helping. Some options for clubs are:

1. Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital

The hospital is on track to be open in February and will highly likely be called straight into service to help with Covid. While we proudly raised another $4k this month, we still have $32,000 to raise by February. Please help where you can so we can officially give the money to the Wellington Hospital Foundation. 

2. Wipes

To help we still have 1,000 cartons of quality wipes available. Order cartons at $25 / carton of 24 – as payment is only on sale and money goe to the Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital. Order directly from PDG Bob Smith at

3. Masks

Our One Million Masks project to help communities get through COVID is ramping up. In November, one thousand masks were donated by Rotary across Aotearoa New Zealand and have mainly gone to Fiji, as well as foodbanks and some schools. Our NZ partner Lanaco have delivered a new children’s mask for intermediate age for better fit. These are an option as we look to provide these to as many young people as possible, e.g. in the Manawatu the Rotaract Club is looking to have masks available for students, with collections through local churches and communities. Two dollars for a world leading reusable mask is a cost-effective solution. 

District and Club Activities 

Club Visits
I should have a film crew with me as I visit clubs, boards and area meetings. The level of engagement with our communities is truly stunning. In November I visited a large number of clubs including, the Wanganui and Hutt areas. While all clubs have challenges, all made me proud to be a Rotarian. I have seen tree planting, conservation projects, book fairs, books for new families, community painting projects, reading in schools, Interact making Christmas cards for prisoners, art in hospitals to name the tip of the iceberg.
President Elect Development / Training
For those of you becoming President for 2022-23, remember to register for President-Elect Development (PEDs), 19 and 20 February. The 9940 Learning Team have a great programme organised. It will cover key aspects of the President’s role, plus the communication skills that you will definitely need. I’m very keen for every President-Elect to attend because the programme will make life much easier for you in the coming year.
The Learning Team is planning for either an in-person programme (at the very nice Massey University Sport and Rugby Centre) or a zoom programme. To register, click
Club and Trust Accounts
Can all clubs please send copies of the annual club and trust annual accounts for the current year to the District Treasurer - Graham Evans at

We are making this request as District needs to know what level of financial activity the clubs generate as part of the declarations we need to make in terms of the blanket insurance cover we are providing.  It will also assist in helping us understand the sort of funds that the clubs are putting into the community and also allow the District Finance and Risk Committee to perhaps assess any risks that might exist for clubs in terms of current legislation.

While we could get the information by going into the Incorporates Societies and Charities Services websites, with nearly 50 clubs and more trusts, it would be very helpful if you could send them to Graham over the next month or so as you send them in to the regulators following your AGMs.
Notice of Vacancy in District Bulletin Editor Role
Andrew Mahoney has two valuable District roles which he will be vacating over the next year.
The first is that Andrew has been covering the District Bulletin Editor Role since around this time last year when Freya our former long-serving Bulletin Editor stood down. Andrew agreed at this time to assist DG Gillian and then DG Mark by continuing to cover the District Bulletin in an Acting Editor Role until the end of the 2021 calendar year. With the end of 2021 today this Bulletin is Andrew’s last. Marilyn, Wayne and I are looking for a team to replace Andrew for the next few years. Volunteers or nominations please to Marilyn, Wayne or myself.
Andrew also took over the Public Image Chair role back in June 2020 for a 2 year term, and has highlighted due to other commitments he will not be seeking another term. As June 2022 is approaching, we will be looking for Andrew's successor. More will be provided on this role early next year. Again, volunteers or nominations please to Marilyn, Wayne or myself.
Andrew, the District is indebted to you for tirelessly working to promote Rotary and improve Rotary. Andrew, I know has spent over 600 hours on these roles producing a great set of Bulletins and delivering a new look website as well as helping clubs and charitable projects. Andrew you epitomise service before self – thank you for your quiet service and leaving us way better than you found us.   

District Conference

The District Conference will be held in Wellington on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April 2022. There will be some opportunity for online engagement. Hold these dates. Bookings will open and further information will be provided by the end of January. 
The theme is Shaping Rotary’s Future Together’. Clubs may have to vote on the future of Rotary in May 2022 – use this as a chance to be informed. 
It will be launched by The Hon. Grant Robertson, Deputy Prime Minister, Member of Parliament for Wellington Central and Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Wellington, hosting a cocktail fellowship event on Friday night on 8 April 2022, in the Banquet Hall from 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm. 
The Saturday Conference will be held at the Naumi Hotel on Cuba Street in the heart of Wellington with a great group of speakers providing innovative challenging thinking for our future. It will be face to face and partly streamed. On Saturday night we encourage members to join in ‘supper clubs’ to promote fellowship. 
On the Sunday there will be voluntary options on community projects for those who want to visit the new Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital or get their hands dirty. There may also be a couple of hours online as we get used to experiment with new ways of communicating between us. More on this in January. All venues will adhere to Government Covid guidelines. We are following up with Naumi an accommodation booking discount for conference attendees. 

Remembering the Past

It was with great sadness that we learned in November of the passing for former District Governor Duncan McKee.
Duncan was DG in 1996–97 with the theme Build the Future with Action and Vision.
It is important to take this opportunity to remember Duncan for all his hard work for our District and pay our respects to his family who will be feeling his loss especially over this festive season. Rotary is the sum of the goodwill and hard work of our members, and Duncan provided a good quantity of both.
In the last week too we lost a giant supporter of our efforts to End Polio Now with the passing of Desmond Tutu. Being a strong supporter of many causes in his life, Ending Polio was never far from his mind as he had suffered the disease himself as a child. On behalf of 9940 we pay our respects to Bishop Tutu for his tireless effort in Polio Eradication effort.

The Future

While 2022 will be challenging it will provide an opportunity for Rotary to help our communities more and address our future. Never had we been need more and to do more we need to think differently. We need to leverage our brand and the trust the community has in us to harness the power of our communities. We are an amazing organisation – be proud of being a Rotarian. If you get a chance have a good break as our community needs us back energised in 2022. 

Thank You

As we approach the end of our first year of operation we are within a whisker of our goal of $400,000 (Only $32,000 left to go).
As all members can appreciate this year has been a tough one for all charities, and we are no exception. Although we started the year with gusto we were unable to continue many of our plans in the face of Delta, Lockdowns and restrictions on face-to-face gatherings.
We know it has been a tough time too for many of the Clubs who have wanted to assist and are thankful to the Clubs who have pledged to run events fundraising for us: Truly, it has been a humbling experience to see our District band together for this cause.
As we head into 2022 we want to thank all Clubs for their continued support in 2021 and ask all clubs please consider the Rotary 9940 Children's Health Trust for your 2022 giving and fundraisers.
We are so close and with your continued and steadfast support we are looking forward to succeeding in our goal in 2022.
Adrienne Murray,
Chair of the Rotary 9940 Children's Health Trust


Update on Ride The Train

Please note that Ride the Train for Polio has been further delayed beyond February.

We know this is a disappointment to many, however we will try our utmost to provide updates as they become available.


One Million Masks

As the Rotary Districts from Auckland have come out of lockdown and the world is now tackling the spread of the more infectious Omicron strain of COVID-19 it is clear that the best defence is indeed a defence: A Mask.
Our project team will be meeting in the New Year to calibrate how we will continue our work in light of the new strain and how we can further get the message out / fundraise for this project.
Stay tuned.

Pacific Island children to access three new life-saving vaccines through Rotary-UNICEF partnership

SUVA, FIJI (26 November 2021) — Children in the Pacific region are now able to access three new life-saving vaccines, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), rotavirus vaccine (RV), and the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV), through Rotary Give Every Child A Future, a partnership between UNICEF and Rotary in Australia and New Zealand.
This multi-million dollar partnership is supporting the introduction of these vaccines to protect children against pneumonia and rotavirus as well as to protect adolescents against HPV reaching more than 100,000 children in total across Cook Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.
“We understand that the current global priority is on immunization against COVID-19. However, we can’t afford to lose sight of other health priorities that also pose a significant threat to the lives of Pacific children,” said UNICEF Pacific Representative, Jonathan Veitch. “We thank Rotary for their critical long-term partnership with UNICEF to protect children and young people from these vaccine-preventable diseases.” 
In the Pacific, pneumonia and diarrhoea are among the top three causes of mortality in children under five years of age. Around one-third of all pneumonia deaths are due to pneumococcal disease, which is usually transmitted through contact with infected children. 
Rotaviruses are the leading cause of severe diarrhoea in children aged less than five years. Severe diarrhoea can lead to dehydration, particularly in young children, and if left untreated can be life-threatening.
Cervical cancer is one of the top three regional priorities of Pacific leaders, with over a thousand cervical cancer cases each year. Nearly all cases of cervical cancer can be attributed to HPV infection.  
The rollout of these vaccines, is supported by Rotary Australia and New Zealand to celebrate 100 years of service as 2021 marks the Centenary of Rotary International in the region.
“This project is a further demonstration of the partnership between UNICEF and Rotary,” said Rotary Project Director, James Allen. “We have worked closely with UNICEF and others on the worldwide polio eradication campaign. We are so delighted that the implementation of Rotary Give Every Child A Future is underway after years of planning and preparation. It is a vital public health initiative that will have lasting and sustainable benefits for the peoples of these countries.”
The three-year partnership is also supporting an update of national immunization and supply chain management policies. It will also assist with an upgrade to cold chain equipment and the supply chain system. This will help improve the immunization reporting system and integrate other essential health system strengthening activities that will contribute to a reduction in PCV, RV, HPV infections and other vaccine preventable diseases.  
UNICEF and Rotary Australia and New Zealand will also support public health authorities in Pacific Island countries to engage communities on the importance of being vaccinated to save lives, and address misinformation about vaccination
Innovative Young Minds Charitable Trust (IYM) is preparing for another fantastic year in 2022, providing two programmes to support young women in Years 11 and 12 to learn about the wide range of career opportunities in the STEMM sector. They have recently employed two new staff; Emma Stoddart as Programme Manager and Lauren Wootton as Funding & Communications Manager. Both women come to IYM with a wide range of skills and experience, and most importantly, enthusiasm, to help the trust continue to thrive and grow.
Next year’s IYM programmes include the Online Programme with Chorus, which takes place in the April school holidays, and the Residential Programme with FNZ, in the July school holidays. Last years feedback was overwhelmingly positive, including comments such as “after IYM, I will dive even deeper into my studies and will grasp every opportunity that comes my way with all my strength” (Chloe Jarvis, Hutt Valley High School).
The programmes are entirely funded by sponsors and donations, and Rotary is one our greatest supporters. Your generous sponsorship offers young women the opportunity to attend without the programme cost being a barrier. For that we wish to thank Rotary, as your support creates a far reaching impact on the careers of these young people. 
You can find out more information about IYM via their website and read their Residential Programme Report from 2021 which includes more fantastic feedback from students about their time on the programme.
If you have any questions or are interested in supporting a student in 2022, please contact Lauren Wootton:
Rotary International Annual Report
As 2021 comes to an end, it's important to look back at everything we have accomplished together this year. In 2021:
  • 93 Rotary Fellowships allowed 60,000 participants to connect and make a difference
  • 117 Rotary Peace Fellows studied at Rotary Peace Centers
  • Over $25 million was awarded in grants to support COVID-19 related service projects
What else did Rotarians accomplish this year? Find out in the 2021 Annual Report below
Rotary International Convention
The 2022 Rotary International Convention is already taking shape. If you are interested in attending or learning more about the programme the information is below.

A Tribute to Malcolm Bush and Mike Cross for 50 Years of Service in Rotary: A Story from the Rotary Club of Terrace End

Back in June 1971 a very young Malcolm Busch joined the Rotary Club of Terrace End. So it was that we came to celebrate Malcom’s 50 years of special involvement with the club. 

Bruce Markwell this year highlighted many of Malcolm’s achievements – having joined in 1971 he served as a Director of both the International Service and Community Service Committees, before became Treasurer in 1979 and then  President in 1981.   

Following this he was appointed District Governor’s Representative (now called Assistant Governor) to DG Bill Boyd who later became World President. He also served on numerous District Committees; - including NZ/Australia Matched Twin Student Exchange, Rotary Foundation, Rotaract (which included 1 year as District Chairman in 1986), 5 years on International Student Exchange, District Conference Committees for DG Glen Caves and DG Eric Linklater.  

He was made a Paul Harris Fellow on 2 April 1986 for service to the Community and Rotary International. During 50 years at Terrace End Malcolm served on most of the Club’s Committees, which included further rounds as Director of both Club Service and Community Service.   He then became Treasurer again for the second time in 2017.  As well as his sterling service to the Club, Malcom was also involved in Manawatu Enterprises and being the Convenor of the 1st Manawatu Wine & Food Festival Committee.

Bruce commented on Malcolm’s competitive nature at both twilight tennis (only slowed down by a torn Achilles) and now as a golfer (badly quipped Malcolm). 

Earlier this year Mike Cross was also recognised for his 50 years of service to the Club. It was in recognition of this incredible service by both Mike and Malcolm that President Lew presented them both with a sapphire pin to go with their Paul Harris Fellowships.

Final Note from Acting District Bulletin Editor

It is with joy I am signing off the last District Bulletin for 2021 and wishing all readers a brilliant 2022! It has been an honour to serve in this role for the last year+ in this capacity and I have especially enjoyed the camaraderie with fellow members and the support of our District in updating the style of our communications.
Going forward - as my successor is chosen and appointed - I would ask that anyone with any stories or articles please email 
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