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Rotary Membership and New Club Development Month:  District 9940

This Bulletin has been sent to all 9940 Rotarians
District Governor Marion Johnston
 A month of our new Rotary year has flashed by already!
My thanks to all of you who have accepted a role within your club – I hope you are getting a handle on that role by now and enjoying the opportunities for interaction with your fellow club members and your community that it brings
I am also very grateful to the District Leadership team – all those Rotarians who have accepted roles as Assistant Governors, District Committee Chairs, members of those committees, the District Secretary and District Treasurer and many others in liaison and support roles for clubs and our members across the District. Please use these people as a resource; they are there to support YOU and they have a wealth of Rotary knowledge which they are more than willing to share! Often our leaders at Club and District level are giving their time at the expense of their partners, families and businesses – we need to recognise the support those around us give in order that we can do good in the world
My message for this month?   ‘Let’s be open to the idea of change’
Goodbyes and Welcomes
Changeovers - not just Presidents, RYE Students as well.
Over the last couple of weeks we have seen, as with Clubs changing their President, the Rotary Youth Exchange changing their Inbound International students.  
We have said farewell to our 6 outstanding young ladies that have been in NZ for 12 months. They leave behind lifetime friends and families but take with them lasting memories and positive character changes. There have been lots of hugs, tears, swapping badges and very sad farewells at airports.   It is amazing how different these young people are now from when they first arrived in NZ 12 months ago - it is but a moment in their lives that will have a long lasting impact and certainly give them a new outlook on life. 
And as we say farewell we welcome our 9 new young people who start their 12 month cultural experience in New Zealand.  I am pleased to introduce to you:
Polio Promotions
Lets Stamp out Polio
Last year we ran the successful “Polio Raffle” raising nearly $13,000-00. I note from recent reports that some clubs have not forwarded there  funds to Rotary Foundation/Polio and request that this is completed.
This year we have some exciting ideas to assist clubs with there fundraising efforts for Polio
No Child anywhere should suffer from this completely preventable disease. Help celebrate WORLD POLIO DAY 2018. Create and register your own event. Go to to find and download the available resources.
Some Ideas could include
  • BBQ
  • Shared Meal
  • Pizza night
  • Add a surcharge to your normal club meal.
Polio Report August 2018
The current situation for 2018 is 13 cases in the remaining endemic countries compared with a total of 22 cases in 2017.
Only three cases have been reported in Pakistan and these are all confined to what they describe as a “Small Village”. This village, Balochistan (Population 12 million) is in the province Duki (population 190 million) however after speaking to a number of Rotarians from Pakistan at the recent RI Convention Toronto they are confident they will follow India and become Polio Free. The recent election of Imran Khan as Prime Minister, who has been a great supporter of Rotary’s cause will only add to their resolve.
Unfortunately, there case has been 10 cases in Afghanistan this year and with the war and conflict the challenge in that country they will certainly have to call on all their resources to get to nil cases
Vaccinators at work in Afghanistan
The last case in Nigeria was on the 21st August 2016 but they require three years to be Polio Free by the WHO before they are given Polio Free Status  and providing this trend continues they will join India as a “Polio Free” country in August 2019.
Up Coming Events
What is happening out there
Please share what is happening in your club with your Rotary colleagues
If you would like an event that your club is putting on advertised here and/or in the website please let me know
Blood Pressure Campaign
On Saturday, 6 October 2018, the Stroke Foundation will again coordinate the Blood Pressure Campaign throughout New Zealand assisted by Foodstuffs supermarkets, various ambulance services, Rotary clubs and other organisations.
This project is well-received by the public and is a great opportunity for clubs to work, and be seen working, in their local community. This year is the 10th anniversary of the project. On the following page is a fact-sheet with the statistics from last year's campaign.
At this time I am looking for clubs to indicate they are willing to provide volunteers on the day between the hours of 10 am - 2 pm.   If your club wants to participate, please let me know by reply email, with the name and contact details of the club member who will act as your club liaison in the table below.  The sooner clubs can confirm their interest, the sooner we can confirm sites.
Ken Chandler
District 9940 Coordinator
Blood Pressure Campaign 2018
Mob: 027 450 1259
National Membership Seminar
Exciting opportunity to leverage your clubs growth by utilising shared knowledge and strategies that work.
Saturday 27 October 2018
Kings College Auckland
10.00am to 5.30pm
Registration $50 (includes lunch)
Guest Speaker: Mark Huddleston says the need for change and reinvention is paramount for every organisation today and Rotary International is no exception. Mark takes a candid look at the reasons why change in Rotary is so critical and he offers a practical game plan for making the organisation future-fit and relevant for the years to come. Come and hear Mark share his insight on why so many Rotary clubs are struggling with membership, and more importantly what can be done to turn things around.
International Convention 2018
Hamburg 2018 video :
68 people from New Zealand have already registered including our own DG: Marion
Website is
Bulletin Editor
Adrienne Murray