ouTcomes from Council on legislation 2016:

actions required by all d9940 clubs

9 August 2016
Dear Club Presidents,
Rotary International has now released the revised version of the Standard Club Constitution and the Standard Club Bylaws incorporating the significant changes adopted by the 2016 Council on Legislation.
New Zealand located clubs are all Incorporated Societies with registered constitutions and must change their registered constitutions.. 
We have added to the Rotary International approved constitution the clauses required for the constitution to be registered with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies. 
Before you go any further,  please read my report on the Council on Legislation dated May 2016 which provides detail of what was approved at the April Council meeting in Chicago at which I represented our District.
Then, please go to this page here (on the district website) for further explanation and guides.
Follow the steps as outlined.  This page also provides links to download the documents required to complete the registration process. There are gaps in these for you to personalise for your Club.
There is no rush – take your time. District is here to help – just ask you Assistant Governor who will make contact with me if necessary.
As you read the "Actions required" page, you can start the process of considering what changes you would like to propose to your Club such as how often your Club would meet - i.e. does it wish to continue to meet weekly or change to twice a month? Also there is now an opportunity to consider other types of membership such as family membership, associate membership, induct Rotaractors as members etc. These decisions will need to be included in your new Club Bylaws 
A final word!  Your club cannot take advantage of the flexible membership and meeting options adopted at COL without adopting and registering the new constitution - and for the membership and meeting options - updating your club's bylaws as well.
I am planning to hold workshops towards the end of this year (2016) for clubs that may want some help to complete the documents. You will get the best value from these workshops if you begin the process now, especially the draft new Constitution and Bylaws and bring these with you to the workshops.
I will send more information later and the proposed timetable and details will be available on the district website.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Pat Waite
District 9940 2016 Council on Legislation Representative
P: (04) 2378137
M: 0274 462003
ps - you can reach the "Action required" page directly from the website home page. From the "For Rotarians Menu" item, click "2016 Legislation-Action required"