What's Happening??
Well . . . .
as clubs begin to feel that things are winding down and they're starting to cruise towards the end of the year, behind the scenes things are really starting to wind up for the new Rotary year.
I am learning about our clubs and our district every day. The Rotarians I meet make me proud to be part of an organisation that is truly ‘Making a Difference’ and which will go forward to ‘Be the Inspiration’ to our communities, local and global, in 2018-19
Almost all of our District 9940 clubs have selected their Presidents for 2018-19 and those Presidents-Elect have gathered a team to lead their clubs. As District Governor I must do the same – gather a team to support not only myself but more importantly to support our clubs through the 2018-19 Rotary year.
(Marion at work)
Our District support structure consists (mainly) of District Committees and Assistant Governors. District Committees each have expertise in a particular area of focus and exist to advise and support clubs as they carry out projects and support the programmes of Rotary International. Assistant Governors are a link between myself and our 54 clubs – they are past club presidents themselves, they understand the challenges of leadership and they know where the resources are. They are the communication super-highway between the District team and the club; in both directions
To those of you who have stepped up into these roles: I thank you all. To those who haven’t yet enjoyed the challenge of a role at District level: there are many opportunities!
For example, I am still seeking a District Bulletin Editor – a person with reasonably good computer skills, a bit of a flair for design and an inquisitive nose to sniff out the stories of the things inspirational things clubs are doing in our District and which we need to proudly shout about. Talk to current bulletin editor Adrienne (027 439 6418) if you think you may be the person for this job – she’s very approachable and will support her successor through the transition
Enjoy Rotary! Come along and Go WILD About Rotary in Palmerston North on 12th May and BE INSPIRED about Rotary at DISTRICT ASSEMBLY on Sunday 13 May in Palmerston North. DISTRICT ASSEMBLY is open to ALL Rotarians, has sessions to INFORM and INSPIRE all Rotarians, and best of all it’s FREE!!
Details elsewhere in this bulletin – I’ll see you there
Marion Johnston
District Governor Elect