Take a moment to look at your club Facebook page, your webpages and any printed promotional material advertising your club.
Does it look like the 2019 model ?
If not please update it as it is really important that we are sending consistent messages and our Rotary brand out to the public on everything we do. There is strength in our brand use it well.
More than just the Rotary wheel 
A company’s brand is more than its logo, and it’s something that is vigorously protected. Just think of the number of organisations who have “distanced themselves” from a sportsperson or celebrity who has done or said something the organisation considers distasteful or harmful to their image.
A brand promotes a significant message about an organisation and generates trust and respect.
Rotary’s brand denotes an organisation that is professional, has high ethical standards, is trustworthy, is community minded and fosters fun and fellowship.
Having an easily identifiable and consistent emblem (i.e. a logo) that enables people outside of our organisation to recognise us and associate the great work that we do with the name “Rotary”, is an important component of our brand, and is essential in raising our public image.
Our official logo, our Masterbrand – consisting of the word “Rotary” alongside the Rotary wheel – promotes a clear and consistent message of who we are and what we stand for. It’s vital that we ALL use this in ALL of our promotional material.