Pacifica and Nigerian students from Massey Uni enjoying a meal at my place (Raymond Sisely) in Marton.
Thank God for Rotarians' wives, Joy, Priya and Ngaire who fed them. Organised by AG Venky. These students face an uncertain future because of covid. If they can get home at all they are unlikely to be allowed back into NZ to complete their studies.
Venky is working up a scheme whereby the students who are stranded here can be supported and use their time here in gaining new practical skills in running a small enterprise and such things as beekeeping and self sufficiency. Bringing the students together to understand their needs and to build a trusting relationship is the first step. 
DG Gillian's facebook comment –‘This is brilliant. Thank you Venky and Ray for this important step towards us exploring how we can support these students.’ 'So Rotary'