Isn’t it great when we have publicity that shows what our Club stands for in our community? The Brand Center at MyRotary allows you to easily create your own Club brochure, print ads, Facebook posts, banners and posters.                                               

You will need to sign in at  The posters on the walls of our training room at South Pacific Presidents-Elect training in Auckland in early March were made using the Brand Center resources. 


The posters used our photos, tools in the Brand Center of MyRotary and some design/print expertise to polish the final product.  You can create your own posters and resources for your Club using the People of Action resources in MyRotary. People of Action is Rotary International’s current public image campaign. This campaign brings the Rotary story to life in a way that aims to narrow the gap between public awareness and understanding of Rotary. Also, please have a look at the public image resources available on our District website at and let us know what resources you would like to have available in the District, or would like help in creating for your Club.


Alternatively Clubs can also get the shown images from any one of the District Public Image team (they have all been sent these copies) with names and some contact details at  These could then be printed at a local printer e.g. The Warehouse Stationery size A1 from $18 to about $25 each depending on paper quality.) to do.  

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