National Manager and National Administrator
The Eureka! Trust seeks to grow the the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) knowledge and develop the communication skills of young New Zealanders. To do this we have created a pathway that starts with Junior Eureka! in years four to six, continues with the Eureka! Video Awards in years seven to thirteen and flows into the Sir Paul Callaghan Eureka! Awards in years eleven to undergraduate. After completing the programme contestants can become part of the Eureka! Alumni
The RCW Eureka! Trust is looking for a National Manager and a National Administrator to work with the trustees to take the Eureka! Programme to the next level.
Job Descriptions for both these roles are available from Francis Weaver
Both positions are part-time and would suit a person who has recently retired or is looking to develop a portfolio of employment.
.Could Rotarians share this message with friends and/or colleagues they feel may be interested in either or both of these positions
Applications close on 13 July. 
Please email a Covering letter and CV to Francis Wevers at