Lets Stamp out Polio
Last year we ran the successful “Polio Raffle” raising nearly $13,000-00. I note from recent reports that some clubs have not forwarded there  funds to Rotary Foundation/Polio and request that this is completed.
This year we have some exciting ideas to assist clubs with there fundraising efforts for Polio
No Child anywhere should suffer from this completely preventable disease. Help celebrate WORLD POLIO DAY 2018. Create and register your own event. Go to endpolio.org to find and download the available resources.
Some Ideas could include
  • BBQ
  • Shared Meal
  • Pizza night
  • Add a surcharge to your normal club meal.
A number of Rotarians have known Polio since Rotary’s involvement in 1985 and while the message hasn’t changed the numbers of cases have reduced dramatically however we still need to ensure members are aware we need to finish the job.
To endeavor to continue to tell the story of Polio but at the same time have some fun I have developed a “Polio Quiz” which I am happy to present to clubs at the same time have a fun night.
With all good quiz’s you need a number of people to be involved and I am suggesting a number of clubs get together, involve partners/wives to hold such an event (need min 25-30).
If any clubs are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me E: mickel@slingshot.co.nz or M:021-294-3039 and I can provide you with the requirements necessary to run such an event.
Last year Rotary was able to have a preview showing of the remake of the movie “Murder on the Orient Express” as a fundraiser for Polio. This year we will  have the same opportunity in early November and details will be advised thro your AG as soon as they come to hand.
This is just early advise that at the District Conference in Wanganui in May 2019 we will be having a “Silent Wine Auction for Polio” We have been fortunate in sourcing a 5 litre bottle of Italian Red Wine as the feature wine but later in the year I will asking Rotarians to contribute a bottle from their own cellars for this project.
“Let’s Stomp out Polio Together”