The start of the year Focus - Membership and New Club Development Month
Fiona and I have been fortunate to attend a number of Club Changeovers - in fact we have attended 16 Club changeovers and also hosted the District Changeover at the Palmerston North Fire Station  as well as welcomed my own Club President Don Searle into the fold in my own Club with the presentation of the Presidential Chains !!
Membership Matters and we need to invest in members having knowledge of Rotary and the ability to talk about Rotary with prospective new members.   The District Chairs of Rotary Leadership Institute and Club Development and Membership have committed to 8 workshop sessions through late July, August and in to September. Please encourage your new members and club leaders to attend these sessions which will invest Rotary knowledge into your Club.
Great work in the Naki has culminated in the chartering of the New Rotary Satellite Club for Stratford. Whilst this Club will not be  formally chartered to September, it demonstrates a template of engagement with the community and engagement with a new generation of Rotarian's. This will ensure a contemporary style of Rotary will be available for our new Rotary Club membership. A preliminary interest meeting has been held to establish a New Rotary Generations Club of Palmerston North Square. This club is targeted at young professionals who will meet with connection through social media and enjoying the opportunity to work together to support Rotary Clubs and projects in Palmerston North where the objective of Doing Good in the Community is achieved.
Rotary International Youth Exchange In-bounds Arrive!!
Along with our returned Rotary Australia New Zealand Exchange Students and their Australian twins is a very warm and  special welcome to our recently arrived 6 inbound Rotary International Youth Exchange students. I was so pleased to have the opportunity to meet three of the students as they arrived in Palmerston North. I look forward to meeting the full team at the Induction Weekend coming up soon. A great program that is ensuring we engage our Clubs with youth and international relations with Rotary on the world stage. Thank you to Chair Lynne Phillips and her team for creating great momentum with this youth program and I encourage all Clubs to consider getting involved in the program, even if to offer a weekend or time to host a students in your part of the District. Contact the RIYE Committee to seek out opportunities to meet and host these amazing students.
Club Visits start soon and have your Club information updated and entered into Rotary Club Central
To ensure all Clubs have a plan noted for the year with goals and targets across the areas of focus set by the Club President and their Board and Club leadership team - Rotary Club Central is the repository of this information. I have asked all Assistant Governors and their Presidents to confirm their plans and goals in the MyRotary - Rotary Club Central site.
The District Governor Club visit will provide me with an opportunity to chat to the Club about your plan in overview and how you plan to Going Wild About Rotary.
I would encourage you to have a look through and update your Club information in MyRotary - Rotary Club Central, and if you need a hand with this please contact your Assistant Governor.

For our time together at the Club meeting, I would also encourage you to invite your Rotarian club member partners and your friends in the community who you either currently or will be working with this year. Please also invite potential Club members and Club partners to attend your meeting With the chance to showcase your Rotary Club work. It will be great opportunity to connect with the community and experience what your Club has planned and are delivering this year to your community.
Go Wild About Rotary in August to increase your membership and develop your Club.
Mitchell Brown
District Governor 2017/18
Rotary International District 9940