Is your club a “Centurion Club”
From just $2-00/week your club could be one.
It would be great in this Rotary  year if all the clubs in the District were Centurion Clubs,
we would certainly be “Making a Difference”.
Below is a simple form clubs can use.
We invite you to make a personal contribution to the Rotary Foundation.
$100-00 will enrol you as a member of the Centurion Club.
This can be made by one payment of $100-00 or $2-00 over 50 weekly.
Please confirm your voluntary donation, which will be charged to your member account.
$2-00/50 weeks
(Please delete the one that does not apply)
Please return to your club Foundation Chair
(Once your donation is completed a tax receipt will be issue and you will qualify
for Centurion Club membership)