Isn’t it great to live in a country that is clean, green, safe, interesting and has wonderfully friendly people.  Young people (16-18 yrs) around the world know this is a great country and want to spend 12 months here supported by Rotary.  This is why my email inbox is taking a hit at present due to the number of requests from overseas Districts that would like to place a Rotary Exchange Student in out District.
We would love to be able to take them all but we are limited by the number of host clubs that put their hands up.
Clubs need to have at least 2 host families, a mentor of the same gender, be able to contribute around $2,500 to the student by giving them a monthly allowance, catering for them at meetings and of course, ensure that their time in NZ is busy and they meet lots of people.
The payback for clubs is that students tend to inject a level of energy and enthusiasm to clubs and they are also a great way to attract new members.  But the greatest benefit is seeing the personal growth that the students make - it is a truly fantastic experience and club members should not miss the opportunity!
Now, let me introduce you to our new Youth Exchange Inbound Coordinator.  Her name is Gaylene Lines  and she is a member of the Tawa Club in Porirua.   Gaylene is working hard to match up the many overseas enquiries to place students in New Zealand with Rotary host clubs in District 9940.
We now need you to consider hosting a student from July this year to June 2019.   Please contact either Gaylene or myself to have a chat about how we can make it happen and change the lives of young people forever!
Lynne Phillips
District 9940 Youth Exchange Committee