4 Australian Students arrived at Wellington Airport on Saturday 6 April to begin our “Match” Programme for 2019, which is for 12 weeks in New Zealand and then returning to Australia with their New Zealand Match for 12 weeks – they were all very excited and looking forward to their time in NZ.

They were welcomed by Chairman Marion Patchett, and warmly greeted by their “Match”, families, and Mentors.  

They will be staying with their NZ families here in NZ and attending their Colleges with them too. They first met each other, on Skype, so they knew where they were going and where they will live. A very big “Thank You” must go to the Rotary Clubs of - Wellington North, Hutt City, Hutt Valley and Waikanae, for sponsoring and ensuring their Students enjoy their experience in our Rotary District as well as sharing with their Club members. 

This programme is for 6 months, 3 months in each country living with their 'Match' and their families – these are not Rotarians but are potential Rotarians.  We are doing this to give students the opportunity to gain confidence and then this could lead to them participating in our 12month RYE exchange.

Applications are open now for 2010 Expression of Interest closes 31 May 2019 to participate in 2020. The Expression of Interest form for Year 9 students attached FYI.  Rotary Clubs should have received the relevant letter from Chairman Marion Patchett.