AG Jaye Howey pays tribute to Dr Graham Milne. Aged 100, Dr. Milne passed away on 19th April 2019 at Golden Bay Community Health. Dr. Milne played a very significant role in the history of this club ( Rotary Club of Eastern Hutt).  In 1963, as a general practitioner in Naenae, he was in despair when he could not save the life of a young girl who died from an Asthma attack. He approached the Rotary club.  This approach eventually led to the formation, of what is now known as the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of NZ - initially called Hutt Valley Asthmatic Society.  
In 1985, he was awarded the OBE for 20 years service to the Foundation.Naenae Rotary, with the suggestion that they help set up a support group for the large number of families affected by Asthma in the Hutt Valley. I was very fortunate to be our President in 2014 when the Asthma Foundation celebrated 50 years.  Paul Giles, the late Don McIver and I, were invited to a Celebratory Dinner at Government House.  It was there Eastern Hutt Rotary was presented with the 50-year Service Award and it was a real pleasure. As a Past President of Eastern Hutt Rotary (1963-1964) we pay tribute to Dr.Milne for the wonderful contribution he made to not only the Hutt Valley community, but the whole of NZ towards asthma sufferers.  Through Rotary, he was able to seize the opportunity to help others with his vision. 
It was a pleasure to sit and chat with Dr Milne (then aged 95 years) about those early days.