It’s that time again in the Rotary year where we focus our attention on supporting and preparing our incoming Club leaders, their boards, committees and club members for the activities, goals and projects that will ensure our Rotary Clubs best serve our communities and ensure fellowship and fun is achieved in the 2019-20 Rotary year and beyond!

The Rotary District Annual District Training Assembly, planned for Sunday May 19th has been cancelled. Part of the rationale was to ensure we better deliver information, learning and development opportunities directly to Clubs and their members. But before we deliver learning and development sessions to Clubs, Clusters and Rotarian's - we need to understand WHAT are the things each Club and their Rotarian's want to know about to achieve their goals, activities and projects for the year

To this end we are underway with two key activities. The first is a Club Learning and Development NEEDS Survey

. You tell us what the key things your Club leaders and members NEED to know about to best assist, support and provide information to achieve the Club members learning and development to promote and achieve the goals and focus of Rotary in your community for the 2019-20 year. Watch out for and complete the Club Learning and Development NEEDS Survey electronically coming to all Rotarian's and Rotary Clubs soon.
Secondly, in rethinking the delivery of District Training Assembly (not part of this years District Conference) with its annual timing for delivery and format, we have begun the process to take our Learning and Development directly to our Rotary District Club Clusters to more effectively and efficiently prepare our Club members for the Rotary year ahead.
The District Training Assembly has been a once a year, geographically centrist located event (Palmerston North or attached to the last two years of District Conference) with a delivery format of plenary sessions for all to attend and breakout sessions that were streamed to allow specific club member roles to learn and have developed their knowledge for their upcoming role in their Rotary Club.
The registered attendance at District Training Assembly was nominally 10-20% of Rotarian's of the membership of Clubs in the Rotary District. To better improve the contact, delivery of information and uptake of learning and development, we must look at better ways to support our Rotarian's to become best versed in the role they will deliver for their Rotary Club.
The approach proposed is to have a geographic cluster of Rotary Clubs provided with information to best prepare and support the activities of the individual Rotary Clubs for the coming Rotary year with targeted support information for the Club activities and goals that THEY have selected to receive learning and development in at a local session / workshop / Zoom video conference to their Rotary Club leaders and members!!
We have the first of these sessions offered to all Rotary Clubs of the Taranaki scheduled for the evening of Thursday 23rd of May, in New Plymouth. We have invited the Club members with specific roles and plans for the coming year to table the areas of learning and development they would like to have delivered to them. Knowing what is the NEED and what is best required to be delivered will offer up many ways to provide support, including Cluster Learning and Development, Club presentations, workshops for Rotarian's in specific roles leading responsibilities of their club, on-line learning and information from My Rotary to support the Club activities and goals for the coming year. This approach will also allow us to target the District Chairs and leaders of programs that the Taranaki Cluster Rotary Clubs wish to either engage in or have support to achieve their planned Club goals, projects and activities for the coming year.
This can be delivered and supported at the Club, in a Cluster of Clubs or indeed with Rotarian's from Clubs that have similar roles and responsibilities coming together or connected through a Zoom Video Conference to better connect the idea's and actions of these Clubs.
This in part is the starting point that I will seek to model and provide to the other Rotary Club Clusters of our Rotary District 9940 - with our support of our  District Chairs and Committees and our Assistant Governors - the 2019-20 Presidents Elect, their Club leaders and committee members will have the necessary support and information to best guide them to have a successful, Rotary District 9940 supported year.
We will discuss at our Taranaki workshop/seminar on the 23rd of May, the specific support presentations and information that Clubs wish to have brought to their Club members/leaders and locally delivered to achieve their goals for the coming Rotary year. Two examples of sessions to be offered to ensure currency and practice with Club Runner through support from ICT Chair Richard Stephen and of course Club Development and Membership can be tailored and specifically delivered to Clubs in the Taranaki Cluster with a supported program from District Chair Tony Heyward. We can also target Youth, Club, International, Community and many more areas of Rotary programmed activities that Rotary Clubs may wish to update or engage in for the coming Rotary year.
These learning and development sessions / workshops / Zoom Video conferences would be the follow up offered after the initial contact with all Rotary Clubs in the Taranaki and the opportunity to provide similar support to bolster our District's Rotary Clubs - Learning and Development needs for preparation and delivery for the coming Rotary 2019-20 year.
All 2019-20 Rotary Club President's Elect have a hard copy of the Rotary International - Lead Your Club guide booklet. This provides the Club President and indeed the Board, Committee and Club members with a starting document to think about the activities they wish to undertake for the coming year. If our Rotary Clubs document their thoughts, plans and goals we will also gain the starting point for discussion (as well as feedback through the Learning and Development NEEDS Survey) and support for Rotary Clubs learning and development. To capture this on a useful template, use the My Rotary downloadable template - Strategic Planning document for Clubs
This template can be used to capture the current Rotary 2018-19 year Club information and activity and note the future proposed plans, goals and activities that the Rotary Club will seek to achieve in the coming 2019/20 Rotary year.
Rotary District - Learning and Development for the coming 6 months
The first Learning and Development opportunity for this year was achieved with a successful President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) with South Pacific Presidents Elect Seminar (SPPETS) at Waipuna Hotel in the first weekend of March. Remember for the 2020/21 Rotary Year being led by DGN Gillian Jones, our Clubs nominated Presidents Elect should now be thinking of scheduling in their calendars this SPPETS weekend in March 2020.
We will seek to offer post our Taranaki Cluster Learning and Development workshop, some scheduled and promoted learning and development sessions, workshops and Zoom Video Conferences to all Rotary Clubs. If Club Presidents wish to make contact with me to arrange their Rotary Club's tailored Learning and Development sessions, please email or call me on 027 4822295.
Rotary Leadership Institute 2019-20
Our District Rotary Leadership Institute team will be offering a range of Rotary Learning and Information facilitated sessions throughout the District in the early part of the new Rotary Year. Your Club will be contacted directly to ensure the opportunity to support and gain key Rotary knowledge is offered and achieved for the Rotarian's of your Club. Be they new or well experienced Rotarian's, there is learning and information that will grow Rotarian's in your Club.
The ultimate opportunity to Learn and Develop your knowledge of Rotary!
Lastly the most significant Rotary Learning and development opportunity will be in Christchurch from the 20-22 September this year. Here is the link to the latest newsletter:  Regeneration Conference April - May 2019 Newsletter.
The Rotary Australia New Zealand Conference has embedded in it key Rotary Learning and Development opportunities. The Rotary Institute sessions provide District Governor Nominees and District Governors Elect with information to become up-skilled for the roles they are embarking on in the near future to lead our Rotary District's as District Governor.
All other Rotarian's will find the learning and development opportunities massive, with world class speakers on key Rotary matters and information of interest to better understand the many areas of focus and the programs of Rotary. The conference program as an attached electronic version of the schedule for the training, learning and development sessions - NOT TO BE MISSED !!
A PDF printable version can be accessed from the conference website Rotary Zone 8 Conference or and clicking on the bright yellow panel on the left of the page. The training and conference program is covered on pages 8 -11.
And FINALLY .....
That's all for this month, all I ask is you get planning and ensure the Rotary Learning and Development NEEDS of your Rotary Club are identified and communicated to your Rotary District 9940 Learning and Development Chair!!
Mitchell Brown
District Learning and Development Chair
Past District Governor 2017/18
Rotary International District 9940
Phone 027 4822295