Last  year I approached the local Rotary Club and asked if IT could assist in funding additional Apple Mac computers for the school and our music department. Our vision was to create a Mac suite so students could increase their music literacy and also use the latest technology to improve their skills and capabilities, particularly with music composition.
Raising money is a difficult job and the requests for help are many for organisations such as Rotary but two Rotary clubs – Upper Hutt and Hutt River Valley – agreed to form a tripartite group with the school and apply via their Rotary District organisation for a matched funding grant from the Rotary Foundation.
Karen Morgan - Principal Taita College

The Rotary Foundation funds block grants to districts that fund scholarships, projects, and travel which align with the mission of The Rotary Foundation. This enables  Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. Our scheme fell into the category of supporting education.

Both Rotary Clubs and the school agreed to fund raise $3000 and put it into a pot that we could then apply to be matched by the Rotary Foundation.  The application was submitted and approved! For an investment of $3000 the school has received $18,000 to spend on new music computer equipment.

A celebration dinner took place at the school in November.  It was attended by members from both Rotary Clubs, the staff, principal and school commissioner of Taita College, the deputy mayor of Lower Hutt Mr David Bassett, and Adrienne Murray the district Rotary representative who was part of the decision to approve the final grant. 

The talent of the senior students from the Taita College music department were showcased throughout the evening. They performed excellent vocal numbers and provided background instrumental jams to accompany the dinner. Their level of skill and performance was appreciated by all. 

Following dinner the cheque was presented with a speech by Liam Jensen the president of the Rotary Club of Upper Hutt. He made note of how he’d witnessed the students confidently take charge of the senior prize giving. He described it as being a moving experience at times and congratulated how the community and staff of Taita College nurture the self worth of our young people. The school principal Karen Morgan gratefully accepted the cheque and reinforced that Rotary can be proud of contributing to this growing confidence that we are all working together to build.

Thank you Rotary!