A month of our new Rotary year has flashed by already!
My thanks to all of you who have accepted a role within your club – I hope you are getting a handle on that role by now and enjoying the opportunities for interaction with your fellow club members and your community that it brings
I am also very grateful to the District Leadership team – all those Rotarians who have accepted roles as Assistant Governors, District Committee Chairs, members of those committees, the District Secretary and District Treasurer and many others in liaison and support roles for clubs and our members across the District. Please use these people as a resource; they are there to support YOU and they have a wealth of Rotary knowledge which they are more than willing to share! Often our leaders at Club and District level are giving their time at the expense of their partners, families and businesses – we need to recognise the support those around us give in order that we can do good in the world
My message for this month?   ‘Let’s be open to the idea of change’
I’m not advocating radical change for the sake of change, I’m suggesting we look around us at the people we always say we want in our clubs (younger ones, more women, better representation of other races and cultures, etc) and think about how we look to them. Are our dear old slightly daggy Rotary traditions, in-jokes and Rotary jargon either baffling or off-putting to prospective members? Can we unselfishly allow our clubs to evolve so they will survive without us (because we’re not going to be here forever)? Are we clinging to our weekly 2-hour dinner meeting when in reality most people can’t make that kind of commitment today?
Gradual, evolutionary change in response to a changing environment has worked for countless species on this planet. It will work for Rotary
Let us Be the Inspiration