We dreamed to “End Polio” for some years, could 2020 be the year!!!
It was unfortunate that we had 165 cases of the wild polio virus in 2019 after just 33 in 2018.
It is disappointing but in 2005 India they had 66 cases rising to 874 in 2007 before steadily dropping to 1 in 2011, before being declared “Polio Free” by WHO in 2014
We hope that Pakistan and Afghanistan follow a similar but quicker and less severe pattern with a drop beginning in 2020.
This pattern follows in some other countries in the past. Nigeria had 103 cases in 2012, dropped to 6 in 2014 and zero cases in 2015 before the insurgency set us back in 2016, but are now Polio Free.
We have done it before; we can do it again in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
We have overcome challenges in the past and we can overcome challenges once again.
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Michael Fagg
M: 021-294-3039