It is difficult for me to believe that the first half of our Rotary year has nearly ended!

With 44 club visits completed, the first thing I need to say is ‘Thank you!’ to all those clubs who have welcomed Mike and I so warmly and who have shared plans, goals, projects, anniversaries, inductions and PHFs with us. Rotary in District 9940 is a giant family of wonderful people supporting each other and achieving amazing things in our communities.

As we look at taking a break from our club meetings and projects for a few weeks over the holiday period, many of us will be playing with the grandkids in the pool, boating on the lake maybe, or just admiring the view of the river down the valley. As we take a well-earned rest, let’s think about those who do not live in a green land like we do where there is so much water that we tend to take it for granted and we complain bitterly if rain spoils our plans for the day. Millions of people across the globe don’t have access to clean safe water, the most basic necessity of life; their water supply is an unreliable, contaminated source of the world’s most dangerous diseases but they have no choice but to use whatever they can get. Imagine how heartbreaking it must be to have to give your child this water to drink and watch him sicken and die, because you simply had no other choice( read more) 


December in the Rotary calendar is Disease Prevention and Treatment month. The first Rotary initiative that comes to mind is of course our signature Polio eradication project, but Rotary Foundation grant money is making a huge difference in the health and the lives of our Pacific neighbours and people all over the world in many ways. Attached to this Bulletin is District Foundation Chair Simon Manning’s wonderful report and in it you will see what some of our D9940 Foundation donations are doing around the world to (amongst many other wonderful things) provide communities with clean, safe water – it’s Inspirational and highlights the impact Rotary is having across the globe in preventing disease. Though we may be far away here in District 9940 from those who suffer from the diseases that poverty and lack of education breed, by contributing to The Rotary Foundation we are ensuring a brighter future for the world’s most vulnerable. Perhaps a donation to the Foundation could be your Christmas gift to someone you’ll never meet in a county you’ll never visit However you celebrate and wherever you go over the summer, Mike and I wish you a peaceful, safe and happy holiday season and we look forward to meeting more of you in the second half of our Rotary year


 DG Marion has also chosen some photos to share. Here are a selection of some of the special happenings experienced during her club visits during the last  6 months.