Its that time of year again - heading for the change !

As we have all discovered with COVID-19, communication and keeping up-to-date is so very important in everybody's lives. 

PLEASE take the time now to update your club executives in Clubrunner for the new 2020-21 year. 

We have been using Clubrunner now for 3 years. Someone in your club knows what to do, even if you don't.

If you want some help - PLEASE ask. We can help you sort it easily.

Please DO NOT use MyRotary to update your club executive details, or member info. Syncronisation only works one way: Clubrunner --> MyRotary.

 Also, PLEASE take this time to check the email address of EVERY member (and honorary member) in your club and update it. You have no idea of the number of bounced emails recorded because someone has not updated their email address. 

In particular,

1) if anybody is still using an, or or - THESE DO NOT WORK. Please get the new ones !! :-) 

2) if somebody has been using a corporate/business email address and they have retired or changed jobs, please change it ! 

PLEASE - don't ignore this. We can help. 

Your sergeants have a wonderful opportunity to build your club finances!! :-) 


Richard Stephen, District ICT Chair and Webmaster

Gary Gloag, Assistant District Admin