Women in Rotary
Women in Rotary (Australia and New Zealand) was established in 2011 with the support and encouragement of the then Zone Director.
The Core Essence of RI's Strategic Plan is a worldwide network of inspired individuals who translate their passions into relevant social causes to change lives in communities. One of the key areas of this Plan is to Support and Strengthen Rotary Clubs by promoting diversity in membership and increasing member recruitment and retention. Rotary in Australia and New Zealand does not currently reflect, in its membership, the diversity of the communities in which it operates and serves.
The role of Women in Rotary is to address one of the key areas of membership diversity - gender equity - and work with Membership and Marketing and Public Relations Committees within Districts to develop plans that will increase membership and retention of women in Rotary and to support initiatives that promote female leaders at both Club and District levels.
Our vision is to create and support a dynamic Rotary culture where men and women work together to expand and build on existing strengths with the benefits of diversity to improve the lives of individuals and communities in a way consistent with the RI Strategic Plan. Core Value Rotary provides opportunities for ordinary women to do extraordinary things.
2016 Targets 30% female membership in Australia and New Zealand Gender balance in 20% of Clubs 40% of District Board positions are held by women Public image of Rotary within Australia and New Zealand reflects gender balance Plans and programs developed for gender balance can be applied to other diversity initiatives Implementation
1. Increase recognition and retention of women in Rotary i. Rotary celebrating Women at International Women’s Day Breakfast
2. Increase Club, District and Public awareness of the opportunities, membership and benefits of women, Presentations at Rotary Clubs, District Assembly PETS etc
3. Develop resources for Clubs and Districts to support active involvement of women in Rotary. Suggest projects that Clubs can embrace .Women in Rotary is governed by an Executive Committee that meets to monitor strategy and put in place action plans.
PDG Deborah Gimblett (Neville) (Levin)
Cell: 021 105 6139