Polio Immunisation trip, firozabad january 2009

Communication day. Getting the message out
Crowds ! Thousands ! We were like a new neon light - not usually seen in such surroundings. That just made it easier to get the message out.
Publicity. Our group and other Rotary volunteers from another district appeared in the local newspaper !
Rotarians from the local Firozabad Rotary Club and Rotaractors were essential guides and translators.
Immunisation day. Meeting really local community women leaders involved in the day, understanding the issues, finding out who we needed to talk to.
Immunisation day at a local medical station set up for the purpose
Immunisation at another station
Talking to a reluctant family/mother on the rooftop of their home. Many families were Muslim, so the women in our group were a vital part of the team and lead the communication. Western women in casual dress had a powerful effect on many families and mothers.
The group with local tour leader  Dolesh Singh kneeling in front.